Unrelenting UC - tried Lialda now going to Remicade

My UC is relentless will not going in "remission" GI put me on Lialda and I take it in the evening. Along with prednisone once I take 4 tablets (1.2gm) and seems worse after I take it. I do very well on prednisone but the Lialda has not improved anything. So GI is wanting to put me on Remicade infusion therapy. Doctor states we need to get the inflammation under control with out the prednisone. Said the bad out weights the good at this point. Has anyone been put on Remicade? If so how does it work? Can you ever come off it? as it is really expensive

Super, I had three infusions of Remicade for my UC, with not one ounce of improvement. The only benefit I received was the long nap each infusion; it took several hours.

With the cost of Remicade, I figured it would be cheaper for the insurance company to hire hit man to knock me off-not a comforting thought!

JeffDC thanks for the insight the GI said he was not sure if this was even going to help. So what did you and your doctor do?

Super, after the last one, I think that my prednisone was bumped up. At some point I was at 60 mg, just not sure when.

It was pushing 10 years ago, so some details have disappeared.

Within 4 months of the last infusion, I had my large intestine removed.