Humira to help UC

Just curious if anyone is on Humira to help with their UC. Would love to hear the good and bad. Thank you

Hi Chevy!

I have Crohn’s disease but I had used humira for about two years! I had barely any side effects from the humira! The only thing I had was some swelling and redness on the place I injected myself.
In the beginning I was very optimistic about this medicine and I would definitely recommend it. But after a while it didn’t worked enough so they doubled the doses to once a week, then gave me methotrexate along the double dosis. And finally I developed antibodies against humira. So we stopped.
But it did help for some time with basically no side effects (in my case). And I’ve heard a lot of positive stories about it. So if your UC is flaring up and you should try something different I would recommend this!

Have you already decided and how are you doing now?

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Thanks so much for your feedback.

We really wished the Humira worked but there was no difference.

And the Remicade he is now having a reaction during the infusion they are going to try

1 more time with Remicade so we are hoping there will not be a reaction this time.

But if he does we will have to try something new.

But we go up to the University of Washington on the 1st to see his hematologist and we will talk with her

To see what she recommends.



I’m sorry to hear that humira didn’t work!! And what a shock that there was a reaction from the remicade! Hopefully the new infusion will be alright!! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

If, sadly, remicade isn’t an option they maybe could try Vedoluzimab. It’s very promising and I believe the results for UC are even better with this medicine!

Good luck with everything!

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