Transplant meeting in Georgia

The Georgia Transplant Foundation has several conferences throughout Georgia, called Trends in Transplants.

Topics for the July 20 meeting in Rome:

  1. How the GTF can help you
  2. Updates in kidney transplantation
  3. Personal transplant story
  4. Budgeting for your transplant
  5. Fundraising for your transplant needs
  6. Mentor Project Training

To register for the Rome conference:
For the others, the website is:


Sounds very interesting - are you attending?

Yes, I applied to be a mentor, so I have to get the mentor training in the afternoon. As most of the rest is geared to pre-tx, I am not sure if I’ll attend all of it. Maybe, just to soak everything in.

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Glad to hear that you are going to be participating in this. I’d love to see any literature or electronic media you get. I’ve been wanting to have the opportunity to do something along these lines at Duke since my transplant. Perhaps what you learn there we can share with Duke for consideration.


I’ll scan to you anything I get