Too much protein in urine

I was wondering if anyone had too much protein in urine that has PSC and maybe it may effect the kidneys.


I do have a little high blood sugar,but not diabetes.I hear high blood sugar and high blood pressure can cause high protein in urine.My blood pressure is being controlled.

Stephen Cox said:

Hello Smileymark,

Do you have diabetes ? Have you been checked for diabetes lately ? There can be a definite connection to PSC and diabetes particularly in end stages of liver disease.

I have protein in my urine mine is 40mg/dl which is high. I don't have diabetics either my sugar has been running really low due to I can't eat or drink. I also have ketones in my urine and it is high which it shows I am malnutrition. I have PSC stage three and cirrhosis has done started and have autoimmune hepatitis.

Hm.. We don't have urine tests done. We are only having blood tests. Should I be asking for urine tests as well?

I don't know if you have to have urine tests done.I just had a physical and found that the protein was high and I heard that it good be do to a autoimmune disease.

Thanks for the info, smileymark2000.