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I’m 63, having several small cholangitis attacks, I have Diabetes2, now I’m told my one remaining kidney isn’t working well. If one thing doesn’t get me, another will. I get an ultrasound on my abdomen Mon. 7/19 & waiting for another ERCP to clear out sludge/stones.

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues now with diabetes and your kidneys. Have you been evaluated yet for transplant. It’s not unusual to see a kidney/liver transplant done at the same time. I hope things will improve for you soon.


Hi. I am new and dont understand how to post properly-apologies. I have had PSC forv5byears with very elevated but stable liver enzymes. But now my complete Bilrubin count is 34 and I am experiencing itching. Any tips on lowering Bilrubin? Thank you.

Hi Donna,
It’s good to hear from you. Sorry you are having bilirubin issues now but that is to be expected with PSC. 34 is rather high and I can imagine the itching is rather severe. You most likely have a blockage in your bile ducts. I would encourage you to speak with your hepatologist and inquire about getting an ERCP procedure done. That should bring relief rather quickly. Stay in touch and let us know things go. We are here for you.

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