This Thanksgiving, I'm Thankful For

In America, this Thursday is Thanksgiving. We spend the day thinking about what we are grateful for and also eating a lot of turkey and pie. :)

I thought it would be fun to start a discussion on what we're all thankful for. I'll get it going:

I'm thankful that my wonderful girlfriend, Vanessa, accepted my marriage proposal last weekend. We're all smiles here. :)

I'm also thankful that this community exists and helps so many people. We started Ben's Friends ( 6 years ago and now over 80,000 patients and loved ones visit all 35 sites every month. It's truly a little Internet miracle.

I'm grateful for the community, the friendships and especially thankful that the volunteer moderators donate so much of their time to help others. Thank You Mods!

Ok, that's what I'm thankful for. How about you? Let us know below.


Hey scott:

Congratulations to you and your girlfriend!

Wish this thanksgiving will be a happy day for all in this community!:smiley:

Good posting,

I'm thankful for having a wonderful family which grew for me this year with twin girls. I'm thankful that God had blessed me in so many ways this year even with the diagnosis of psc/uc. I pray that all of you have a wonderful holiday filled with God and family.

Congratulations, Scott- this is wonderful news. I wish you both much love and happiness!

I'm grateful for my health right now, and 2013 holidays are precious to me. I can participate and feel good. My husband of two years has been a blessing and I'm grateful for his love and patience. My family is also a strength and though I am not with them now, hopefully next year we will be together. My thanks and love to this community, and you are all in my prayers of gratitude, today and always.

May God bless you all richly.

BB, Cate

I am thankful for this group as well Scott and happy I can breathe, try to walk and talk. I am thankful I can hear what I can hear with hearing aid help and for my family. I want to thankful for my mother who is in heaven right now, who taught me to treat people who you wanted to be treated. Show respect for other and yourself and my father for show me right for wrong and taking me to church on Sundays and Wednesday nights. I am thankful for my salutation that I know if he does call me home I know where I will be going. Thankful for my friends large and small because, they make me laugh and cry.

I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all and hope all is well if not pray you all do get well soon.


I am thankful that I am awake, alive and vertical. Three for three makes a wonderful day.