Suggestions on Diet

Hi guys, I was hoping you guys could give me some opinions or suggestions on certain foods you guys have either stopped eating or other foods you suggest increasing based on personal experiences and what not.

I'm 18 and away at college so you can imagine my diet. I wanna start changing the stuff I eat, so I would appreciate any input.


Tough question to answer, as this disease is so individualistic. There are not silver bullet diets. I have only made two changes-no alcohol, which was not much of a stretch, and I try to eat less fatty foods.


1. Listen to your body and act accordingly, in all respects

2. No alcohol. tough to do at college, I'm sure.

3. Everything, except alcohol, in moderation.

4. No Jim Belushi/Animal House "grazing" at the cafeteria.

5. Some people like more frequent, smaller meals.

Food for thought.

Lots and lots of fresh or frozen fruits and vegs. No salt. Nothing fried. Nothing processed. Stay away from shellfish. No alcohol. No fast food.

I have learned to bake chicken 88 different ways. I also eat a lot of ground turkey.

For me...I have found that the closer to natural that I can get, the better.

I also nibble 5 to 6 times a day instead of 3 meals.

Like the others said, listen to your body.