Study for new drug GS-9674

** Study @ Vanderbilt **
I wanted to let you know about the study that my son will be participating in;
“PRIMIS: Research study for adults with PSC”
:stop_sign: If you live in the area, & would be interested in participating, go to; and click the “I’m interested” button BEFORE FEB.6, 2020 (expected close date). :stop_sign:
My son, he’s 21 now, was diagnosed w/PSC when he was 17. We live in the Nashville, TN area. He started going to Vanderbilt Pediatric Hospital until he turned 21, then he was transferred to the adult side.
This study is for a new drug called GS-9674, to see if it can potentially slow the progress of liver scarring caused by PSC.
He does need to have a couple of tests before everything starts. On Jan. 30th, he will have a Liver Elastography, (low frequency ultrasound), MRCP & lab work. Then on Feb. 6, he will have an EKG & a Liver Biopsy. Also, on Jan. 30th we will be meeting w/the study coordinator and she will be answering any questions we might have, and, giving us the actual starting date of the study.

I’ll keep y’all updated as best that I can.
(I will be cross posting this info.)

Hi there!

I have been in the study and taking the medication since November at a hospital here in Michigan. If you have any questions, or just want to share experiences, please feel free to reach out. I have another thread going on GS-9674 on this site as well.