Strange coincidence

I have a 12 year old miniature pincer who had gained some weight and had a lot of fatigue. I recently took her to the vet and all her liver enzymes came back normal except for her Alkaline phosphatase of 1111. So come to find out she has liver disease / bile duct problems and they have put her on Ursodil. I don't think the vet quiet understood the humor that I found in her diagnosis . How likely is it that we both have such a strange disease, the only response I could have was to laugh.

Sometimes in life, you just have to laugh at the stuff sent your way.

Sorry your dog also has liver problems

I know this sucks for both you and your pet, but in a weird way at least you understand each other!

Oh my gosh, how strange is that. Sorry to hear about your dog. As others have said, you definitely are even closer now.