Stomach pains

I was in the truck with my dad and all of a sudden I got severe pains all over in my stomach mostly focused on the upper part. But the pain was so intense that it hurt all the way through to my back. Has anyone else had this happen?

I have had those pains several times, about halfway between my sternum and belly button, with the pains radiating to the back. Three times this was pancreatitis, once was due to a gallstone. The major difference was that the pancreatitis pain slowly grew, while the gallstone pain soon dissipated (two hours).

The pain you described sure has a way of getting your attention. To me, it means a trip to the ER.

How long did your pain last, and what happened?


I’m sorry. That’s sounds terrible! I haven’t myself but I sent a message out and hopefully someone with some actual advice will see it and post here for you. I wish I could be of more help.
Take care,

Hey! My husband is the one with psc and has had this many is likely pancreatits or a stone. DO YOU HAVE A FEVER---this would be a sign of blockage and infection which will need antibiotics. Get in to dr if it worsens before weekend..... The ER trip will be much more expensive...and they likely will focus on pain management unless you have a blockage.....have you had ercp's before?.....We actually have a natural cure for this and are still in the testing phases of it but it has worked 2 times within 3 hrs and cleared. Please email message me at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

I have had periodic upper abdominal pains that leave me unable to function, the pain is so intense. They last 6-8 hours and I have ended up in the ER on more than one occasion, a few times being admitted. Blood tests, scans and ERCP's have been done in effort to determine the source of the pain. Nothing was revealed and the only thing that gives relief is pain medicine. It is suspected that they are cholangitis attacks, but usually are not accompanied by chills, fever or vomiting. I've tried using a heating pad and even getting on my hands and knees to help relieve this intense pain. Nothing works.

Thank you guys for all of the answers. This really helps out

Tyler --

I got that kind of intense pain, so hard I literally rolled on the floor in the ER waiting for them to see me.

They finally figured out it was my gall bladder, and when they took it out, that was when they first diagnosed me with PSC. I _think_ that there was some connection between the GB and the PSC progression. I had extra hepatic bile duct scarring, and and I think that added to my GB issues.

Tyler- this definitely sounds like a gallbladder attack. I am sorry to say some people have these attacks off & on for a long time before the gallbladder is considered bad enough to take out. Definitely need to consult MD or ERROR if it doesn’t go away within a couple of hours or you start having vomiting/diarrhea/fever with it. Hope it gets better!

How are you feeling Tyler, did u get to the bottom of what caused your pain?

Tyler has not been feeling well. He has not been running a fever so er doctors just pass it off and his family dr told is he doesn’t really know anything about psc. He s seeing his hematologist today and will be asking to have his gallbladder checked. He is not prone to fevers, that makes it so hard for the Drs to believe he’s not feeling well. Very frustrating for him and me(his mom).

Also, thank all of you for all your help. It would is so appreciated and helps so much to know that so many wonderful people are willing to help

I'm sorry to hear that Tyler is still not feeling well. I can appreciate how frustrating it must be when doctors don't take things seriously. I've had many a UC flare-up where doctor's haven't always taken me seriously at first sight simply because I don't present myself with the classic signs.Could you not be referred to see a Heptologist who may understand the condition better?

I hope today's visit was more positive. Wishing Tyler a speedy recovery.

Thank you Priya. His heptoogist put him on cipro and is scheduling a ct scan and colonoscopy. He didn’t really explain why, but he did say we would take more after these tests. Thank you again.

That's good to hear. I hope you find the answers you are looking for soon. Best wishes, Priya

Hi, sorry to chip in so late,but you describe what i suffer few times a year .It is impossible to explain the pain you describe it comes from nowhere and me 6ft, 15 st trucker am left curled up in a ball away from everyone for about 24/48 hrs.Then like a flick of a switch the pain goes.You dont comment on the color of the pee was it dark brown ? did your stools turn greyish ? Was this sequence followed by a jaundice? yellow eyes ,skin, blisters with yellow water and random mega itches on the body .For years docs said all this was as a result of sludge in gall bladder . last year following some supa doopa pics of my liver they found abnormal cells resticting a duct .

believe it or not i learned how to deal with all this lol who needs docs anyway ,but what no one explained each attack/blockage which returned the bile back into the liver was slowly destroying the biliary tracts now pretty much half my liver was described as poor to useless so dont wait see a top man asap dont settle for anyone less

Sorry to hear how you have been feeing Pendragon. Hope you get a dx soon. Tyler did not have jaundice. We just came from his colonoscopy, he has crohns. Dr still wants ct scan done to for gallbladder, pancreas and liver.