Skin Care & Watchfulness After Transplant - Looking for your thoughts

Hello Group,

As those of you who have had your transplant already know, one of the dangers after transplant with all these medications we are on is skin cancer. My doctors have told me to wear a wide brimmed hat when outside so my ears are covered and to always wear 50 SPF sunscreen on all exposed skin. From what he tells me this will be something to watch the rest of my life.

I have been doing some reading and in my research found that some have made a practice of going to a dermatologist often to have themselves checked over for precancerous or cancerous spots on their body as a result of sun exposure. I would like to ask those in the community that have been transplanted to give feedback in this discussion of the precautions you were told by your doctor to take and what you have established for your own life moving forward after transplant to make sure you don't develop skin cancer.

Your detailed thoughts would be most appreciated at this time. Thanks!