Seasonal allergies

We live in california and headed towards one of the worst allergy season in a long time. I will be reaching out to Dr.Davies to see what’s best to take for a 6 year old with PSC. Wanted to get some feedback on how others are dealing with seasonal allergies. Runny nose and itchy eyes are the main issues. Humidifier runs all the time at home, takes a bath after playtime outside in the evening and the usual precautions of wearing a hat when playing outside, changing clothes frequently, taking vitamin C, probiotics.

Antihistamines are a good starting point! :slight_smile:

To the best of my knowledge you should be able to give him whatever you normally would have given him prior to the knowledge he has PSC. Some sort of seasonal allergy medication suitable for his age. I don’t believe any of those have any NSAID’s in them. To be on the safe side, send a message to your sons hepatologist if you have any doubts. I’m more familiar with adult PSC than pediatric. Thanks for asking though!


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We were informed we could use allergy pills if necessary (mild allergy to dust)
(boy 11 when diagnosed)

Thank you all for the feedback. We will start with some medications and see how he responds.