School attendance

I am curious if other psc kids miss as much school at Katie does. Sometimes it’s from fatigue and other times from pain. For the most part she participates in normal activities but it seems like one day a week she gets worn out. I am wondering if other kids/teens have normal schedules.

hey I having been combating with the same stress as your daughter as well from college recently. a great way to help combat her fatigue is a non-alcoholic b-12 complex. the best one i found is sundown naturals which is tincture that you put underneath your tongue and hold it for 30 seconds. the pain is hard to combat sometimes. the only way i found it helpful to combat the pain is stretch and perform simple yoga excercies daily. It is very important to have a proper diet when having PSC espcially the right vitamins. I wish your daughter luck, I know how hard it is.

My son was just diagnosed with PSD and has miss a lot of school due to fatigue and endless Dr. appointments.

*sigh* dont even get me started with school im 19, now in my 2nd year of college. i missed my entire Junior year of high school (home schooled) and recently have been placed on medical leave by my college because i was absent so much do to my PSC always listen to Katie when she says she is not feeling well enough to attend school. most teachers do not know how to handle a child with a disease of this nature. i suggest her staying home on fatigue days or pain days.

- Randy.