PSC Post Transplant Complications

57 yr male underwent a living donor transplant 2 mo ago. Transplant was successful but LFT enzyme counts have been rising. respond positively to increase in immunosuppressant steroids but does not show up as a rejection in the biopsy. reducing steroids leads to rising counts. Bilirubin is stable. no infection. no blockage. doctors are puzzled. has anyone experienced anything like this? really appreciate any feedback or advice you can provide.

if you search Bryan Duncan liver on facebook it may be helpful…i followed his story and know he had a partial transplant but his psc was back within 2 months in new liver. From what I understood it was in the bile ducts that were left and started right back on new liver. He then received a deceased donor transplant.

Hope this helps!

Hi Shared,
Receiving a partial liver from a living donor can be a more difficult recovery than a full cadaver liver. I got mine in 2012. My one complication was a blockage where they sutured my hepatic artery. Required an extended stay in the hospital while they dissolved the blockage.
Just keep in mind that partials take longer to bring you up to 100%. My bi-weekly LFT enzymes were all over the scale for at least 6 months. My transplant team kept a close eye on me, but it all stabilized on its own in time. Phew! Was I glad to get off Prednisone!

It took 5 months before I started feeling stronger and could do things. It took a good 1 1/2 years before I could say I was back to normal. Give yourself time. Be patient. My good thoughts and prayers are with you.

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