PSC markers from 23AndMe / Promethease / SNPedia

Hi all,

I had gotten 23AndMe done back in 2013. At the time, I didn’t see anything related to PSC, but I downloaded my data and ran it through Promethease a few weeks ago, which for a $10 fee, pulls in info from various research papers and SNPedia. It turns out I might have some markers.

This was done with an old version of 23AndMe (chip version 3). I don’t know what the current version covers, but here’s what I found:
rs3197999 - - mine is T;T
rs12612347 - - mine is A;G
rs9524260 - - mine is A;G

I don’t have any data on rs3099844 or rs2844559, but those might also be associated with PSC. This article has some info:

There are also some SNPs associated with CA19-9 (a tumor marker) production on the FUT3 gene. It looks like rs2306969, rs28362459, rs3745635 are places to look at. Unfortunately, I don’t have any data on those. There’s a chance that some people don’t produce CA19-9, which seems kind of important if a doctor is using CA19-9 to monitor for cancer.

Does anyone else have any data or experience analyzing stuff like this? I’m really curious what these data mean, and I just barely understand what I’m looking at.

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No idea, MBLand.