Waiting on test results

Hello, My husband was diagnosed with PSC in August 2010. He has been and still is free of symptoms. He had a routine ERCP done this past Friday and a suspicious very small area was found. The doctor did brushings of the area and now we are waiting to find out if it is cancer. Does anyone have advice on how to handle the stress of waiting?


Exercise, multiple hugs, confidence in knowing that you both will be able to handle this roller coaster ride, prayer, and tears will all help at different times and in different ways.

There are several cancer markers that are tested for in blood work. The one I'm familiar with is CA-19. Can you find that in his records? You want any score under 34, 34 and over is what you do not want.

I hope you get good news.


Jeff, Thanks so much for responding. This has been a wild ride for sure. He got test results today. They were NEGATIVE!! We are thrilled. He has had the CA-19 before. It was up slightly before this test which added a little to our anxiety. In the meantime I plan to use some of your tips on handling the stress. Hope you are doing well too.

That is such good news, Patty.

Things are OK here.



Glad to hear that your husband's test results came back negative for cancer. That's a blessing a midst living with PSC. Those ERCP's are never fun. Hopefully they were able to dilate the ducts and give him some temporary relief at least with bile flow. Take care.


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