Psc & ivf

Update 21-Nov-14 - everything still going well (knock on wood) - 16.5 weeks at the moment. Have had mild tenderness in liver every now and again but generally feeling good. Fingers crossed things continue smoothly!


Hi everyone - I'm currently on my first cycle of IVF and would be happy to share my story as it unfolds in case it's helpful to anyone.

I was diagnosed with PSC in 2000 when I was 17 via liver biopsy, and UC shortly thereafter. I guess I'm lucky that I pretty much live a normal life (except that PSC is never too far from my mind!!) and look healthy on the outside. That said, I do have cirrhosis and happy to share symptoms etc. if needed. Wishing everyone the best!

Hi all, I finished my first IVF cycle. I was worried about the effect the fertility drugs would have on my liver but overall, I though the process was ok and the Dr kept the drugs as low as possible (Gonal F, Orgalutran and one trigger shot). I was on the injections for 18 days (usually it's shorter than this but took longer to figure out right dose) and then another 2 weeks on progesterone. There was one point when they increased the Gonal F shots from 75iu to 150 and I had liver pain for about 3 days straight (best way to describe it is like my liver felt bruised). I was worried as I have never had this before - if I've ever had liver pain in the past it would be in the late afternoon/evening and as soon as I wake up the next day I'm back to normal. Now this could just be a coincidence but I think it was due to the extra toll the drugs were putting on my liver. Apart from this, everything else was uneventful.

Egg collection and transfer went well and I am cautiously sharing that I'm just over 8 weeks. I had an ultrasound at just under 6 and 8 weeks and heard the heartbeat but the next month in particular is going to be one anxious wait as anything can happen. My husband and I fell pregnant naturally earlier this year (first pregnancy) but that ended in an early miscarriage so I'm not getting ahead of myself so please no congratulations.

It's a state of uncertainty what effect this will have on my PSC but perhaps it's as people say and it settles down for a while. I've definitely noticed I have been more itchy - mostly hands and feet - but nothing close to the bad episode I had a few years ago. I did have a bit of liver pain for a couple consecutive days about 2-3 weeks ago and this very strange "wheezing" like sound from my liver. I first had this wheeze when I had my gallbladder out in April but it would last like a couple of minutes. This time it was all day for a couple days. Will ask about this when I see my specialist in December. Nothing since then for now. My GP did send me for a blood test and things are my version of "stable":

10-Sep-14 21-Jul-14 7-Dec-12 Normal Range

Billirubin 39 33 32 3-15

ALP 227 197 193 20-105

AST 71 80 85 10-35

ALT 59 90 74 5-30

Sorry for the super long post!!