PSC and the pancreas

Back in July, I had for two weeks, an intermittent discomfort/low-grade pain on my left side, an inch below the rib cage and about 2-3 inches from the sternum.

I have been worried about it, and am relieved that it has since stopped, but it left me with an unanswered question:

Is it possible that psc can go after ducts that are not liver-related?

Any thoughts/experiences?


Just found this at:

Autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) is a chronic pancreatic condition characterized by narrowing of the pancreatic duct, raised immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4) levels, lymphocytic infiltration on biopsy, and response to steroids (74). AIP in association with intra-hepatic and/or extra-hepatic bile duct stricturing similar to those present in PSC is termed autoimmune pancreatitis-sclerosing cholangitis (AIP-SC) (7). It is unclear whether PSC and AIH represent different ends of the same disease or are separate clinical conditions. Patients with AIP-SC seem to respond to corticosteroids (75). However, studies are needed to clarify the long-term effects of corticosteroid therapy in patients with AIP-SC which are unlikely to occur given the rarity of the disease.

Glad I will be meeting with my GI next week.

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Met with my GI on Thursday, and told him about the pain on the left side. He did not seem too concerned at the time and said it may be acid reflux, and gave me some samples to take.

On the way out, a vial of blood was drawn. My lipase is normal. My amylase is elevated. With a normal range of 31 to 124, I was a 151.

That blows his theory out of the water. Something is up. I need to call him Monday and see what the next step is.

Jeff - did your GI doc have any further thoughts re the L-sided pain and elevated amylase?

No, he did not. Over the last three weeks, twinges on both the left and right side have almost disappeared. So as long as they stay mostly rare, I will wait until I see my liver doc in early November.

Alix said:

Jeff - did your GI doc have any further thoughts re the L-sided pain and elevated amylase?

That's good to hear. I've noticed the twinge-like things that come and go are usually not a problem, but always good to check out everything just the same.

Hey Jeff,
I have felt that pain before from smoking weed overtime. The pain/discomfort on my left side, in the exact spot you were talking about, would only last while I was high. Afterwards I would be fine. I believe it may be acute pancreatitis which would go away if I just didn’t smoke. I was wondering if you figured anything out or gathered more information on the situation. Thanks.

Hi, Drew. Glad you’re still alive and kicking!
I still get that pain about once or twice a month. A CAT scan in June 2019 did not show anything. Still can’t figure it out.

Jeff, did you ever figure out why you got that left side pain? Did you have AIP? I never hear about that left side pain and that’s all I get. I never get the pain on the right associated with PSC.

My GI could not figure it out, and I have no idea.