PSC and pregnancy

So I was diagnosed with PSC a couple of months after the birth of the little boy in December 2014, I have been on ursofalk since March 2015 and this has stabilised my liver results.

Whilst searching for the reason for my elevated liver enzymes I was also diagnosed with MGUS, a paraprotien found in the blood that can turn into Multiple Myeloma however this has been stable for a year and I have just increased the time between my Oncology visits due to no progression.

During my first colonoscopy, to rule out UC, my Dr also found out that I have Hyperplastic polyposis syndrome. He was able to remove all polyps so this is also stable and just requires routine colonoscopies to monitor.

So with all diagnoses being stable I spoke with my GI and my Oncologist they have both given me the green light for my husband and I to try for another baby : )

My concern is that my GI has told me that Ursofalk is ok to take throughout the entire pregnancy, however I am worried that it will cause potential complications during the first trimester as a lot of the reading I have been doing says about it being safe from the second trimester.

Just wondering if anyone else’s Dr has given the ok to take Ursofalk / Ursidiol throughout the entire pregnancy?

It looks like it has been awhile since you posted this. I hope that you found the answers that you were seeking. As I am moving forward and planning for parenthood, I am thinking about these things as well.