PSC and Aspergers

I am wondering how many folks here have been diagnosed with Aspergers or any other Spectrum disorder. My son started this journey at age six, being diagnosed with UC. At age nine was diagnosed with Aspergers. And then age 24 diagnosed with PSC. I’m having a very difficult time with my son and food. He has managed to gain over 50 pounds in three months. I’m sure a lot has to do with stress but because of his Aspergers, food has always been a battle. I can’t make him understand that he can’t go on these junk food binges and continue to gain this weight. Everything is a battle with him. Anyone on the spectrum have any suggestions for me. Also anyone in general, help me with his diet. I keep telling him I can’t sit by and watch him self distruct. I don’t know what to to do, so any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks Dennis! You guys are a royal …! Haha. Can you send me some stats on junk food and how it will affect his disease. I’m going nuts right now, and to be honest I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I have called his team, and they are going to try and nail him to the wall today. He has an apt with his surgeon, I was supposed to go, but he pissed me off so bad as we were leaving, I stayed home. First time he is going into NYC alone, I hope he finds his way. MRIs dad works in NY so I’m really not too worried and it’s amazing how he can figure it out when he has too. If you don’t mind me asking, are you around his age? He is 25. but I feel developmentally he is somewhere around 16-18. Also, do you take any medication for your. Anixity? And a more important question is do you take your PSC meds? I just found out this morning that Jeff is NOT taking his meds regularly. But thanks for your help! Any other suggestions would be extremely helpful! Dianne

It might be helpful to mention that being physically fit and eating well will not only extend his life; it will also help him to be a better candidate for liver transplant (that's my opinion only) , and help him to bounce back from the surgery better (this is fact).

Are you sure the weight gain is due only to his dietary habits? That would be worth investigating.

If I were in your shoes, I'd back off a bit. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again with similar results. If battling him has not worked, it's time to try not battling him. I would try to encourage him in something new and unique, like planning a trip to Europe, something way off his path. Or trying something very unique like building a tiny house. A lot of young people are trying that these days; it could bring a lot of joy. It could come in handy when he needs to live cheaply.

Doctors appointments are fun in their own way, but the novelty wears thin. His mind needs to be somewhere fun, in my opinion. His actions indicate that he's looking for more fun. Junk food is all about escaping the hardships of life.