Worries from Mom

Hi everyone Mom here, I have an update on Seth he has UC/small duct PSC diagnosed age 16 for UC age 17 for PCS, he’s now 21! He went back to the ER for IV steriods this weekend, which terrify him due to horrible side affects, but he couldn’t control his UC flair, never blood in stool just BM up to 20x a day. His Colonoscopy last month showed inflammtion throughout his whole colon. Soooo onto the Biologic Remicade after the steroids. His liver enzymes came down they were in the 400’s. His liver doctor thinks it’s from the fluconazole he takes for the Candidias infections he gets in his esophagus, because his ALP was only 200, that surprised me since he has PSC why didn’t he think the elevated enzymes were from his disease? His ALP was lower then that when they diagnosed him with small duct PSC…so that was confusing for me, my son could care less, he just wants to live his life…anywho thx for all the advice you all post it has been super helpful to me in navigating this disease.