Pruitis - Itching with PSC

Following is a Clinical Trial on Pruitis (Itching with PSC). I have been on the trial for 30 days prior to starting the new drug LUM001 (I had to stop the URSO and Doxipen) and now the next 2 weeks with the LUM001 . The dosage is increasing each week. My itching is nearly gone!!!

In talking with Dr. Sandeep Dhaliwal airfare for you is included in the Clinical Funding. I encourage anyone with this difficult condition to make contact and see if you qualify for the trial.

There will be many other trials coming up for other purposes. It is worth your while to get in contact with this research organization at University of California-Davis with offices in Sacramento. This is just a short trial of 5 months...I should finish in October.

Sandeep Dhaliwal, M.D., CCRP
Sr. Clinical Research Coordinator
Department of Internal Medicine
University Of California, Davis

2000 Stockton Blvd, #100
Sacramento, CA 95817


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this trial, Jan. No more itching sounds like a wonderful thing. :)

The brave individuals that participate in trials deserve a huge amount of credit for the advancements made in medicine.