Please help!

Hello everyone,

I have an unusual request. I need as many as are willing to please vote for a member of our Caregivers community. Shirley has entered a contest where she stands a good chance of winning a van for her severely brain injured son. Jay was in a car accident and Shirley quit her job to take care of him. They just barely get by. This van would be a life changer for them both.

Please read the message, click on the link, sign in, ( scroll down), to sign in with Facebook or email. The daily post gives you the answer to the quiz, so click on the extra vote tab. Answer the question and bingo you get two votes.
I will post everyday so I need you to vote daily for a few weeks.

Thank you.
What time is it?? Bedtime BUT FIRST…The answer for Saturday is once again "TRUE"
Some facts:
We ARE getting more votes each day, thanks to your shares! hugs 633 votes for Friday…that was up 103 votes from Thursday. Ya’ll rock!!
We ARE in 26th place out of the 750 contestants BUT 5th place out of those in the “caregiver” category!
We still have 2 more weeks to vote so please, lets all keep up the momentum. Vote & share for Jay!
EVERY VOTE MATTERS!! Make sure to cast yours and remind your tribe to vote!

Vote for Shirley Albright - Bradenton, FL in the 2015 National Mobility Awareness Month Local…

I tried but when I searched her name after clicking the vote button her name was not found. No place to sign in or set up an account that I saw either. Sorry.

Here is the correct link, Dolphin:

I am voting, too. :)