Places to get ANI brand vanco

Hi everyone. My husband has been started on Vancomycin since his trial of cilofexor was abruptly terminated. It’s only been a few months and we haven’t had repeat labs yet, but it seems like things are going well from a symptom standpoint. So we are hopeful it is working.

We have been working with Walgreens who has been able to get us the ANI brand (after all the helpful info on this site!). Today when I picked up the prescription, they informed me they are having trouble getting it from this manufacturer right now and they will likely not be able to get it next month. Does anyone have other pharmacy brands that they have been successful with getting the ANI brand? We are in Northern California. Any help is much appreciated.

My local CVS does not stock Ani, but is able to get it via special order. Try calling around to all of your local pharmacies to see what they stock and/or can special order. There may be differences in availability between various pharmacies.

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I’m so glad to hear the oral vancomycin is working for your husband so far! I’m from Sacramento, California, and when I visited family there in 2021, I had such a hard time finding a local pharmacy that carried ANI. There does seem to be a supply chain issue.

I seriously called around everywhere, and the only place willing to order the ANI brand for me was Walgreens in El Dorado Hills (8230 SARATOGA WAY, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762).

Another option is to call/visit all your local pharmacies and request them to special order ANI. If they won’t, you can have your doctor write a Letter of Medical Necessity (see an example on my PSC advocacy website here) stating why your husband needs this specific brand.

Wishing you both the best of luck! I hope, one day, it’s not so difficult for us PSC patients to access oral vancomycin.

My son switched to Lupin brand vanco after having the same issue with ANI. We get Lupin from Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs website. It has worked just as well as ANI for my son and he has been using it for over a year. Stanford also recommends using Lupin and our doctor at Johns Hopkins also recommends it. It is much cheaper than ANI so we are grateful to have found this alternative.

We had the same problem. Walgreens used to stock it but no longer and CVS never could (we live in L.A.). But there 's a small pharmacy called Elements that gets it. Maybe look at small pharmacies? Good luck

Is this a CA issue? We have never had any issues getting it in Missouri.

I just wanted to hop on and thank everyone who responded. After many phone calls to local pharmacies big and small (and my insurances online pharmacy), I ended up finding out that my employer (a large county hospital) can order the ANI brand. They were even able to get it in two large pill bottles instead of a bunch of packs with ten pills. I still have this fear that every month might be the one we can’t get it any more but I am hoping this will be a good solution for us for a while.