More affordable vancomycin

This new website was created to eliminate the middle man and provide access to expensive prescription medications at affordable prices.

Vancomycin is available at a much lower price. It looks like you send a copy of your prescription to the company and they send the medication to you. Vancomycin 1500 mg a day in 3 divided doses would cost $177 a month. Still expensive but not as expensive as pharmacy prices.

I remember filling a prescription for vanco at CVS and it would’ve been 10 k without insurance.

I hope this helps someone.


wow! thanks Kgray24 - if it sustains, this will be revolutionary.


Do you know if they sell ANI brand?

FYI…they do not carry the ANI brand.

Thank you so much for that info. If anyone tries their brand and their numbers continue to stay within the normal range, will you let us know? I’m having insurance issues so may need it down the line but hesitant to get anything but ANI. Thanks!

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Thank you so much for sharing this info! Will bookmark for future reference. I wonder if they carry the ANI Pharmaceuticals brand…

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oop. I see they do not.

We are using CostPlusDrugs. They send the Lupin brand which is a generic of the ANI Vancocin. It has a twist off top just like ANI and seems to be working for my son. His UC is still in remission. He has not had his liver enzymes checked yet since switching to Lupin. We are in the second month of Lupin. He took ANI the first three months but insurance and CVS seem to make it impossible to get ANI. I even reached out to ANI pharmacueticals and they really don’t seem to care how expensive their vancomycin is for us. I hope Mayo clinic finishes their trials soon so vancomycin can be approved for UC-PSC and related diseases.

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Hello, I’m Dieter from Italy.

Many thanks for the link!

I contacted the company and they answered immediately.
Unfortunately, they ship exclusively within the US and they need
a prescription from a specialist in the US.

Maybe that someone of you could help me?

Is there any medical/doctoral service in the US
which I could consult - online - and which would
provide a prescription, organize ordering Vanco from CostPlusDrugs
and handle the shipping to Italy?

Thanks for your help!