Out Comes half the liver

Dr. team has decided that they need to remove the left lobes of my liver. possible cancer concerns. Cancer markers at 260 level on left side, result from ERCP.

Operation on Thursday 14th, intensive care for 2-4 days , then Hospital stay for 10-14 days, and then 2-4 weeks in Rehab. After that 2-4 months recoverying at home. Long haul. While doing left lobe removal, plan to get more scrappings in right side bile ducts, hoping cancer markers are normal there. Operation at Charlotte Medical Center , Charlotte , NC.

Hope to gain 2-5 years of reasonable quality of life if cancer markers on right side are near normal. If elevated, then no real gain from operation with prognosis of 5 months to 2 years life expectancy. real crap shoot.

best to all. LBH.

Good luck Lee. When you have a moment, let us know how it goes.