Opinions / questions

I just had my GI appointment yesterday and all my blood work is back to normal...but I wanted some opinions

I have had a gastric bypass 6 years ago (before I knew I had PSC) so an ERCP is hard and has to be done surgically. We talked about reversing the bypass but that in itself is not an easy task. My GI also said since my flair ups are usually 1-2 years apart (at least right now) so he felt it would be a good idea to wait. He did suggest that I go see the Doctor that did the bypass and see what he says about the reversal. Also, even though I don't have UC, Crohn's or Inflammatory Bowel disease I do have IBS and more pain with my IBS than anything else but my GI doc said I could develop inflammatory bowel disease later on? Just wanted some opinions....Thanks!