New with staging question

Hello to all, I'm a new member.

Quick background. Always very active playing hockey and a gym rat for entire life but noticed several years ago that my energy levels were dropping off and was very fatigued. Assumed it was just old age starting to creep in but I'm only 53. Had to stop hockey when I was getting dizzy but, like a typical guy, didn't go to the doctor.

Early part of 2013 I noticed my weight drifting upwards and the fatigue/weakness getting worse. Started an extreme diet to drop the pounds and get ready for summer but the weight actually went up. Then in August my weight, stomach and legs ballooned. Finally ended up in the hospital and seemed to confuse the doctors with very normal numbers across the board ... except for ALP. They pulled 13 liters of water out of me, started diuretics and I dropped 85 lbs in 3 weeks. So weak now I could barely move.

Then they found the liver tumor with a final MRI. The size of a tennis ball but deemed it indeterminate at the time. So they send me home for 3 months under the assumption that it would almost certainly be benign. The fun started 3 months later with the followup MRI. They said intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (so much for it being benign) which I'd never heard of and I couldn't understand how I could have such a rare cancer.

Then they did a liver biopsy to check for cirrhosis with surgery in mind. What they found of course was PSC, stage-3 early bridging fibrosis. Unfortunately now it all made sense and here I am as a new member.

(1) Since I'm not actually cirrhotic, the tense ascites is puzzling. Have other members experienced it at pre-cirrhotic stages as well? I'm sure the cancer can't be helping the situation either.

(2) Any others that have presented PSC at such a late stage and how fast does progress to stage-4, ESLD? My MELD is actually bouncing around 6 & 7 and my liver enzymes are only slightly elevated. Albumin is 4.9, A/G is 1.9 and INR is 1.1.

I'm getting another MRCP done shortly and meeting with my surgeon to discuss options. I know I need a transplant to deal with the PSC and eventual ESLD but I'm apparently out of luck due to the ICC. Any thoughts or experiences with this problem?

Thanks and sorry for the long introduction.