New chat is installed

Hurray, we can chat! This is a private chat only visible to registered users on Living with PsA. Please use your screen name when you chat (it will ask you). Enter your message where it says “message” and click on “shout” to post. The chat will open in a new window to the right of the PSC site.

Just a couple of comments for your consideration. Thanks for the chat capability but honestly unless you figure out a way to show who’s online in our community the chat is meaningless for the most part. I think we need to be able to see those online at the time like in the old system to make this work. I know this is probably still a work in progress but please take that into consideration. Thanks for all you guys do.


Seenie here, Mark

You’re right, of course, knowing who is online is key to stimulating the social buzz that people get (and need!) from chat.

I know that TJ continues on his never-ending quest to find exactly that. I think this describes his valiant mission better than I can.

Thanks for sharing that video of “The Impossible Dream”. I’ve always enjoyed that song. Hopefully TJ will be able to meet the impossible head on and get this chat perfected! Merry Christmas all!


I have been able to install a back door presence feature(lower right hand corner of posts:

If you look at the time/date there is a red bubble for not online and green buuble for online. Its not the final version by any means but some help. Right now we still are a sponsored site by discourse so we are a bit limited in customization as Discouse folk believe presence features pose a security breach an put our members in risk of being spammed @fcmmark @ModSupport @trust_level_0

I love it too, and I think that’s a really beautiful rendition, don’t you? I’m glad you liked it. I nearly chickened out of posting it because I thought you might find it a bit hokey. OK, it is a bit hokey. :grin:
Enjoy this beautiful season with your family, Mark

Well that certainly is a good start and is helpful. My only point is especially for anyone that logs into chat for the first time, they will not see anything until someone responds whereas they may see another member they want to shout out to if there was a list of who’s online. I understand the need for security, but with this being a closed community with hopefully good moderators in each community we are going to weed out any spammers that show up. For our purposes discourse seems to have a bit of a lame excuse. That’s just my two cents and I’m sure there is a point I am missing so we definitely give them the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for this add-on though. At least I will see when modsupport is online so I can shout out! Merry Christmas. Thanks again for everything you do for us.


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I do get it Mark. What we need to do is encourage our members to say “hello” when they enter the chat room and everything will work. If they wait for someone else to get the ball rolling, it doesn’t…


Good point…I have other thoughts on this but I’ve said enough for now :slight_smile: