Misdiagnosed according to ercp

Hello. I was recently last year diagnosed with psc via multiple mrcp and elevated liver function tests and symptoms. Couple days ago I had an ercp performed and was told no signs of psc and that my imaging test were over analyzed. I currently don’t have an ibd diagnosis colonoscopy only showed mild inactive gastritis and a few benign polyps. My liver function tests are still elevated, low bilirubin, itching, mild fatigue, nausea, dizziness at times, Just looking for some advice on rather I should go for a second opinion or move on to figure out what is going on other than psc. I’m frustrated, confused to say the least. This has been an ongoing thing since August of last year. Please any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

A second opinion by a hepatologist at a transplant center would be a good idea. An ERCP might be definitive as well.
I am glad your bilirubin is low, as that is a main culprit of itching.

Our advice after going thru what we did with my husband go to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota!! We live in Florida, misdiagnosed in another state and was advised to go to Mayo in Minnesota and they SAVED my husbands life!
More to story but grateful and blessed!
This happened in late 2018, he is doing fantastic now.
He had ERCP’s for five yrs diagnosed with PSC.
Best of luck, Mayo Clinic Minnesota amazing place, Dr Nagorney Dr Rosen saved my husband’s life!


I sincerely hope that you don’t have it. When I first started showing signs on my liver function tests, the hepatologist suspected PSC, but, on my first MRCP, there were no signs of beading or other evidence of PSC. So, then they thought it might be small duct PSC. A year and a half later, the strictures started showing up on the imaging, and the diagnosis was made.

As I said, I sincerely hope it’s not PSC, but it’s also possible that you are very early stage, like I was a few years ago. I think a second opinion is a good idea. Maybe you can have the Mayo Clinic read the MRCPs that you have already had taken and see what their thoughts are.

Fyi, my billirubin is still low at this point…never gets above .5. Is your ALP abnormal? Abnormal ALP is usually a sign of cholestasis.

Did they test for PBC (probably, but you might want to confirm).