Liver Abscess

Something else to add to the fun... and I can expect it to recur. Just out of hospital x 10 day stay after drainage of large abscess on liver. IV antibiotics in hospital and now on 6 weeks further IV antibiotics at home - continuous infusion, machine in fanny pack. This all followed 3 weeks of med to high fevers/chills, pain in different spot than usual and 2 ER visits where abscess was not detected and I was sent home. Finally, ultrasound and immediate urgent CT got me admitted pronto to hospital. At that point the abscess had created a visible bump on the abdomen. With 4x a year ERCP/stent change and stent (foreign body) inviting bacteria, this can now be expected as a recurring added attraction to the joys of PSC. Any of you had a liver abscess??

I'm sorry to hear of your recent troubles Alix. I've not had much experience with liver abscesses myself. I don't know how normal it is in PSC. It would be interesting to hear from others if they have had similar problems. I do hope you get better soon. Wishing you good health.. take care, Priya

Hi Alex
I am sorry that you had to go through another big scare and crazy treatment!

I am also struck with the difference in our treatment. I was diagnosed late in the game, but still, during the 2 years after diagnosis, before the transplant, I had one biopsy, one ERCP and no stents? I did have many scopes to band the bleeding veins in the oesophagus.

Is this a regional or Canada/US difference?

Another reason I ask is because my enzymes are bouncing around above normal. I have an ultra sound (only) booked to see if the PSC is returning.

With ERCP and stents having so many risks, are you on an active transplant list?


Are you saying they did not remove the stint. I had one placed 5 years ago and it was removed in 30 days. That was also recently confirmed as the proper procedure by another hepatology cinic where I recently moved. I was advised that a stint needs to be removed after 30 days or they get plugged up.

Thanks Priya.

Fly Lady - the jury seems to be out on how long a stent should be left in. In my case, 3 or so mths is the limit, last done in late Oct. Sometimes they're left for 6 mths or longer. Depends on the situation and the doc I guess.

Ruby - no regional or Canada/US difference in tx, you and I both from BC.. I've got to have stent(s)/ERCP as my bile ducts are stenotic and beaded - and a sludgy bile makes for the perfect storm. Stent changes necessary every 3 or so mths, otherwise cholangitis and/or obstruction episodes. And now with risk of rpt abscess.. was told am between a rock and a hard place. I've had the preassessment for liver transplant and until I develop symptoms like ascities and HE... am not on active transplant list yet, particularly with very low MELD score at this point and liver function reasonably decent. So I carry on as is for the time being, never entirely sure if I'm closer to the rock or the hard place..


So sorry to hear of your recent hospitalizations and treatments for this infection. I suspect as well it's those stents causing the possibility of infection to occur. My doctor is so concerned about using stents that after 4 ERCP's now he still will not put one. My most recent ERCP's were just two months apart. I wish you well in your recovery. Are you on URSO to help with bile thinning? I take 1200 MG a day and it does help keep that somewhat controlled.

Yup - on Urso for last 3 yrs. I've obstructed a few times with plugged stents as well as with no stent. Not a whole lot of options here unfortunately.