ERCP and Stents

Hello All,

I hope everyone is doing well this weekend. I was wondering if anyone has experienced having a stent moving out of place or becoming obstructed? Some of you may remember me posting a few weeks back about what appeared to be a cholangitis attack. Well I eneded up having an ERCP and there was a blockage which they cleared and placed the stent to stretch the duct back open. Fast forward to now and my numbers have remained high post stent which they where expecting to go down.(they did slightly go down the first few days following the procedure but then returned to the levels they where prior) Throughout all of this my symptoms have been consistent, the itching is ridiculous, I am very jaundiced, nauseated, when I do eat I am running back and forth to the bathroom a few hours later with diarrhea, and tenderness on my right side. Now they are thinking it is likely the stent has moved or there is another area that possibly need to be stented. As a precaution they also restarted my antibiotics. I have had a stent placed before after which my symptoma improved. This is the first time I’ve heard of the stent moving and I was wondering how common it is?

Sounds like the stint came out or another blockage has occurred. You need to see the MD. They must move-I use to have a ERCP about every 18 months because I needed one. Something is def. not right if this keep happening. I'd be calling my doctor for sure.

I’m sorry to hear that.
How elevated were your numbers?
My son is going in next week for MRCP
To check for a blockage. They’ve talked
about doing an ERCP in the past but to date
haven’t done one. Thank you for sharing
this. I don’t know what signs & symptoms
to look for. They haven’t really shared this kind
of info with us.
I hope they rectify your situation soon.
I’m sorry you are experiencing this.
Sending healing thoughts & well wishes
For a speedy recovery.

Last year I was admitted to hospital 11 days after stent replacement. Turned out to be infection and obstruction in the R intrahepatic duct so after a few days of IV antibiotics, a stent was placed in that duct. It happens unfortunately. Whether it's a different area needing stenting or the stent has moved... if you are still symptomatic and numbers are high, you need ERCP and to be re-stented ASAP before you become even more ill.

They are going to repeat the ERCP this week and fingers crossed that will get things cleared up. The pain in my right side has worsened it’s uncomfortable to take in a deep breath, so needless to say I am ready to get this done and over with! I will provide an update to let you all know how it turns out.

Thanks for the input!

With my first stents the doctor not only punctured the bile duct but also the duodenum. I was very ill and although consulting surgeons said they thought the bowel had been penetrated, ti took about 4 days before the GI staff went n and had to double-stent the duct and put a clamp on the hole in the duodenum.

Hello All,

Just wanted to give an update, I had another ERCP and the stent was occluded! So they removed it and cleaned out some stones that had developed as well as puss that had begun to form. They said it should have probably been removed at least a week prior but we still where lucky to take care of it when we did instead of waiting. I also just went for my evaluation for transplant, so I’ve had all the required tests and done the interviews. They should let me know by the end of the week if I was approved, deferred or denied! The entire process is overwhelming, it’s a lot to take in. Soooo now more waiting to see where we go from here!

I hope everyone’s week is off to a Great start!


I have my fingers crossed for you.

It is overwhelming, and takes time to process all the details, what ifs......


Thank you JeffDC, it is very overwhelming. I’m not sure if I’m happy about the possibility of transplant and getting a “2nd chance” or more terrified! I think my emotions are still playing catch up!