Let's welcome Julian1969 from Tauranga, NZ


Hi there Julian1969, I wanted to welcome you to Living with PSC. I just want to let you know that we are very excited that you have joined. I hope that we can offer the support and resources that you are looking for. I see that you live in New Zealand and I bet that that place has some amazing areas. If you have not explored the community yet, I suggest visiting the guide tab at the top. If you are looking for anything in particular then I suggest using the search bar at the top right. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and have fun exploring.

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Thank you. Feels good to belong after a long time reading from the side lines…So much info on this strange disease which plays with your mind as much as it does your body! From my perspective, ALP recently risen to 252 which has me a bit worried but, Bilirubin’s still normal…I’ve already had one intrahepatic dominant stricture which was surgically removed in a partial hepatectomy. Don’t fancy another one…MRI here I come!!!


Good luck with your MRI, Julian!

Hi :wave: Julian1969 I’m in Nz too would be interested to hear about your journey with PSC?