Latest Blood Work - Mid July 2014

Went in for my latest blood work on Saturday, just got the results back today. Most of my numbers remained consistent with March, though a few did increase but just a little bit. So I guess I'm still holding steady in regards to PSC.

Bilirubin - March 0.4 July 0.5 Normal Range 0.2 - 1.2

Alb - March 4.3 July 4.5 Normal Range 3.7 - 5.7

Alk P - March 272 July 287 (though at one point it was in the 400's!) Normal Range 37 - 117

ALT - March 43 July 44 Normal Range 0 - 36

AST - March 34 July 39 Normal Range 10 - 40

Creatinine - March 0.88 July 0.88 Normal Range < 1.34

On another bright note I had a wonderful time taking my now 18 year old graduate son to Europe for two weeks where we visited Amsterdam, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague!


Just curious to how long you have been diagnosed with PSC? My labs (5-30-14) are what my Dr so fondly calls “not horrific” and stable:
Alk Phos are 456
Alt- 75
Ast- 76
I know these are in the norm range:
Bili - 0.4
Alb- 4.0
Creat- 0.81
Yes my numbers have been higher but…
Wondering if any of you have thoughts or would care to share your numbers?

Lori - I was diagnosed a little over two years ago with PSC. I believe it has been 25 years since the Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis.


I have to go in for a Colonoscopy in Oct., my Dr wants a baseline due to our increased risk of colon cancer- soooooooo not looking forward to it :frowning: ! I dread the prep tho my Dr said they have a Miralx prep, anyone know of this?