Does anyone take anything useful to boost their immune systems that has psc? I have tried regular vitamins but they don’t really seem 2help, have just started working in a nursery/ kindergarten setting and I am picking up everything which isn’t good!

I don't have a good answer for you, Sharpous6, about taking things for immunity. I think it can promote better intestinal health (wherein lies your immune system base) if you take pretty healthy doses of probiotics and prebiotics daily. I always buy my probiotics from the refrigerated section of the health food store I go to - or Whole Foods has a section like this. And I take extra after having been subjected to a course of antibiotics. I recommend the liquid Bio-K probiotics formula because it's a big dose and 4 or 5 days of that can get you on the road to a healthier intestinal tract re-florated with the good bacteria.

But I'm not sure I'd be working in a nursery/kindergarten setting if I could help it. Best thing to do is to wash your hands - A LOT - and washing and scrubbing in between fingers (sing the happy birthday song twice for the scrubbing) several times a day. And whatever you do, don't touch your face. Because you'll get close to so many orifices - mouth, nose, eyes, ears - that can then pick up bacteria/viruses the little kids pass along so easily. But they can spread these just by breathing in and out. Vitamins are hard to process in a failing liver. I'm sure others will add more to this. If I were you, in that setting, I'd wear a face mask over mouth and nose every day. Sorry I don't have more.

I definatetly would wash wash your hands as much as possible or wear gloves. I also carry anti bacterial hand sanitizer. I work in an environment where people are sick alot of the time. I also spray alot of lysol. It makes people crazy, but oh well, so far knock on wood i have been lucky.


I don't know if there is anything that can build up your immune system, once you have PSC. In todays high rate of unemployment, I hate to discourage you from working, but I feel you are not working in the proper environment for a person with PSC. You are constantly subjecting yourself every virus that walks in the door. When I am invited to family gatherings, birthdays (etc), I excuse myself from attending if I know someone will be there that is under the weather. Being a mechanic, if I find myself working in an area where there is dust or dirt in the air, I must resort to wearing a mask or just getting out of the area. Even my doctor told me I shouldn't be cleaning the kitty litter pan or cleaning up the dog droppings in the back yard. I guess my advise to you would be to find a different job if possible.


Strengthen your immune system. Watch what you eat, take your supplements and detox at the same time. Always work on Alkalizing your system [vs acidic]. The balance of all are what keep you in check.

I improved my condition. I went from unable to stand long enough to brush my teeth, unable to drive, 175 bloated and unhealthy ~~ to volunteering 2 days a week, driving, remembering things and able to walk 2 miles. My biopsy changed to 0-1. Hang in there! I get run down and I still have to take care of myself everyday but KNOCK ON WOOD, I haven't had a cold or the flu in addition to our everyday struggles. STRESS gets us too.

Great Sunday: Mona

Crohn's / PSC and loving life!

Mona, do you check your pH levels with strips or something you can get at a drugstore? What do you mean by "detox"? Also, what is "biopsy changed to 0-1"? What does that mean?




Feel free to email me offline if you like.


I asked my Doctor if I should take supplements to help my immune system but he explained it to me like this. Your immune system is rejecting your liver, by boosting your immune system, it will want to fight harder to reject your liver. His advice to me was, eat healthy and exercise.

It's been 9 years since I've been diagnosed and still no signs...I am definitely not saying not to take suppliments, just commenting.


Did you have a transplant? If so, you have to follow exactly what your doctor says...don't let anyone else tell you what to do or take. You are on drugs that will interact and yes they want your immune system to sleep.

IF you asked your doctor about supplements specifically for your immune system... Well, there are herbs that have claims for your immune system that are scary. We have to be careful. However, if you are talking about Vitamin C, Probiotic and Zinc, ask him about those SPECIFICALLY. Ask about vitamin D and fish oil. He is right, some people are talking about things like:


  • Astragalus boosts the immune system with powerful antioxidants and protects the liver from toxins. Bayberry, fenugreek and licorice also enhance the immune system. Caution: Do not use licorice more than 7 consecutive days or if you have high blood pressure.


  • Because the liver is the primary organ for cleansing the entire system, herbs that aid the liver are important to support immune system function. Black radish, dandelion and milk thistle are helpful herbal cleansers.

Things like these are to be VERY cautious about and usually avoided. Ask him about specific vitamins and supplements.


Thank you Mona, I have not had a transplant. I barely have symptoms. I hear so many different things and when I ask my doctor about them, he tells me I'm making the companies rich, not making myself any better. My doctor has retired and I have an appointment with the new doctor so I am sure I will have to go through all the testing again. (It's been 9 years since being diagnosed) I sometimes wonder if I've been miss diagnosed in the first place. In the mean time, I am getting all the feed back I can to make sure I do the right thing.

I’m exactly the same tonda, I barely have any symptoms! Apart from the odd tiredness, itchy skin sometimes and abnormal liver function test that has now improved since taking pentasa and ursodeoxcholic acid! I recently have been given a new doctor 2 as my other one moved to a new hospital, he hasn’t retested me although I thought he would have done!

WELL, TONDA that is great news. Being that way is a wonderful thing. Live your life as healthy as you can on any given day and YOU'RE AWESOME!!! Seriously. I went from not being able to stand long enough to brush my teeth [for a couple of years]. They opened me up and did some exploratory and biopsies and quickly closed me. You would not believe I am the same person. All I have are medical records and pictures to prove it. Of course I have to GET BACK ON TRACK once in awhile because I am still that same person but my life is so great and I have the tools to stay on top of things. I volunteer, help people, give smiles away and love life now.

I try to limit the scans as long as I am well. No need to let them TEST me to death. I save those intrusions and radiating scans for when I am sick. I do my blood work [with all the cancer markers], socialize with the transplant team and GI team when they make me [too funny] and go about my business.

It took me a long time to GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD [the fact that I had a disease]. I learned I wasn't a disease and still the same person. Once I gained control on my own I was able to live my life. Diet was huge for me. Once I avoided sugar, corn syrup [all soda and juice], white rice, refined carbs, fried foods, salt and red was good. That wasn't enough though...I had to learn what to eat. I tried eating all raw but that landed me in the hospital as well. It was hard for me to digest all that fiber. Now I have a great balancing act. It has to be altered daily sometimes and it works.

Find what works for you as we are all so different. Keep the candida down [I believe it is fungus that causes our cancer] and work with your doctors. I discovered that when I was really sick one time. The PA told me it wasn't infection but PH...some kind of candida. I'd never had a doctor EXPLAIN what they found before. Usually they say TEST FINE OR NEGATIVE.

My doctor was not to be bothered at first. Now she thinks I'm cooky but when I explain...she agrees and helps me. She laughs and thinks I'm cool. Sometimes she asks me questions just to see if I really had thought/research and science behind it and smiles. I don't take any pharmaceuticals. Although they were upset and shocked at first...they all agree from where I was and where I am now there's NO arguing with success. They encourage me. That's a great feeling.

BOTH of you stay well and have some fun. Laughter and love work miracles: mona

By the way, I do use Milk Thistle prescribed by my doctor. I noticed it was in my example prior. Have a great day.

Mona, you are COOL! I love seeing comments from you, you have good advice. I try to follow a similar diet, sometimes i cheat, but usually i stick to it. I try to have a good attitude and stay focused on the positive not the negative. The negative brings you down and what good does that do. I have been dealing with this for 18 years. I take it day to day, every day is a gift!

thanks, cathroy


Thank you! I agree. I get discouraged and oftentimes disappointed with people who just don't understand what I'm going through. I've learned so much. I HAVE so much to learn.

You are right. Attitude has so much to do with this process. 18 years. WOW. I was finally diagnosed March 2010. I was sick since 2005. I am so lucky and I have come so far. YOU ARE A GIFT!


PS: sometimes I CHEAT too! :) Usually, it's worth it.

Hey I would speak to your doctor - my son is recently diagnosed and asked the doctor much the same thing . He said that my son's problems were partly caused by an overactive immune system and so to try and boost it too much may cause further problems - but he was specific in that not everyone is affected in this way. He did say that my son had to eat more green veg tho which my son didnt appreciate!!