Autoimmune Disease and PSC

Hello everyone, I have a question that my physician couldn't answer. If PSC is looked at as an autoimmune disease, do we help or hurt the situation by trying to boost our immune system with certain supplements or vitamins? I would appreciate all opinions...Wish everyone well...DaveCJ

My daughter has just been diagnosed with PSC and Crohns. For the past year and a half they were diagnosing it as AIH. She has been following very close to the Paleo diet as best she can. Really just avoiding processed foods, gluten and dairy. She also follows a protocol of supplementation.
Now that we have the proper diagnosis she has started taking Vancomyicin. This has truly been the big turnaround for her. Her numbers have drastically improved and she feels great. If you haven’t her of this treatment I highly recommend you do. Dr. Cox at Stanford is the one that discovered this treatment back in the 90’s. The research is very promising and I can say that I am a true believer after seeing how my daughter responded. Don’t let doctors tell you that there is no treatment for this disease!