How I can get weight?

I have lost great weight during illness. I don’t feel so bad in general. I have no pain etc. I take vanco and urso. (ı have ulcerative colit also) I know this ilness is serious and i don’t take into consideration so much this weight loss in a long time but it has affected my looking very badly.

Maybe someone advice me how i can get weight. i think i eat not so little but i am not sure where i make a mistake.

I had UC (had entire colon removed) and now have PSC. I found that to gain weight in a hurry and more importantly to keep my energy up I have eggs. I have then scrambled with a bit of milk and grated cheese. The trick then is to put three spoons of neutral flavor sustagen drink powder in the mix before you cook. That way the eggs are fluffy and easy to eat but very high in protein.

Good luck

I’m in the same boat, sort of. My doctor wants me to gain at least 20 pounds in case I need a transplant. But I just couldn’t do it. I have been skinny my whole life, literally since age 5. I doubt it has anything to do with PSC since I was diagnosed at age 37. Before that, there is nothing wrong with me, no hyperthyroidism, no diabetes, no TB, etc. I work at hospital so everything checked out and before PSC, I don’t have anything wrong with my liver function test. I actually eat a lot considering my body weight. Only thing they can find a little bit different, I won’t say that’s a problem, is that I have a high baseline metabolism rate, meaning I need more daily calorie than most other people.
The truth is, some of us, our body might be just set up like that. There is not much I can do to gain weight. But if you had a good weight before, and now you are below, there are a lot you can do.

  1. Be patient. Gaining weight for people with illness is a process and takes time. If you are too worried, anxiety wastes lots of calories you eat. And also high stress level tends to make you eat less (some people will be the opposite).
  2. Eat as much as you can and whenever you can. I drink protein shake after each meal. I keep tasty high calorie and high protein snacks with me all the time, and eat them whenever I feel I can. Have to pick a flavor you like, since usually you may have appetite problems. Make it like it’s your job to gain weight. Sometimes, you just have to force yourself to eat.

It helped me to “graze”. Instead of eating three main meals-breakfast, lunch and dinner, try to eat a lot of snacks throughout the day. It will be a different mindset to do this.

Lots of proteins and shakes like DHZ recommended. Maybe ice cream milkshakes too! (you can’t be too careful)

I drink Ensure between meals. It helps some.