How do you know if you have bile duct Cancer?

This is a depressing subject but it’s something we all need to be concerned about.

Excellent article. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing. Very helpful article with great diagrams.

You're right, Steven. Depressing, but knowledge is powerful.

Are there personal experience “signs” out there, folks?

Great info. Many of the signs are symptoms that many of us already experience due to the PSC. Is a ERCP the only way to diagnose? Are there preventative screenings that we should have every few years or something?

One of those topics that most of us would care not to think about but all need to be aware of. Just before going on holiday last month I was faced with prospect of potentially having CCA. I didn't have enough time to confirm the docs doubts before I left and wasn't going to wait until I got back hence I paid to have an MRCP done within a few days of my holiday. Luckily, that hasn't shown any lesions and I can rule out CCA but it wasn't the best feeling to go through at the time.