Hot potato

Not sure if it's just me but does anyone else feel like a hot potato when it comes to being actually "treated" by doctors? They like the diagnosis part of the problem but seem to get nervous doing anything about it, especially with our PSC staring back at them.

I recently had a gout issue that I mentioned to my hep and he agreed that it was probably due to the one kidney being pushed too hard by the diuretics. He wanted me to see my PCP about it which was fine with me. My PCP agreed as well but was reluctant to prescribe anything for a long term solution. So he referred my to a specialist. I met her and she was reluctant to do anything beyond a simple steroid and told me to see my GI or hep about a long term solution. Hmm?

Also, I'm not sure a simple doc appt will ever happen again due to the PSC. The specialist seems to think something else is lurking in the background and ordered 12 new blood tests. I was too tired to even pursue what she thought was going on. I'll simply wait for the results and pretend it's a Christmas present .... I wonder what's inside?