High Ammonia Levels

I was diagnosed with PSC when I was 28. I’m 44 now and been on a variety of trial studies to include Vancomycin. I go to Massachusetts General. Recently I showed high levels of ammonia levels (108 from a high norm of 60). They put me on Lactulose which helped a lot. Now the doctors have me on Xifaxan 550 mg twice a day. This medicine is an antibiotic and cost $1800.00 a month. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @ecj! I did a quick search on Xifaxan and turned up this

Hopefully this will get you started in being able to get answers to some of your questions.


My son goes to Vanderbilt in Tennessee. He is taking a Rx that costs almost $600+ monthly. We talked to his Dr & they referred us to the Vanderbilt Pharmacy. The pharmacy offers a Grant that allows him ALL of his medication’s that are from his liver dr for FREE!!! So maybe you could check with the hospital’s pharmacy. If they dont offer any type of grant, you could also check the HealthCare.gov and apply for state health care, which comes with a pharmacy card. I sincerly hope something helps! Oh, you can also call your dr & let them know that the medication he prescribed is way too expensive & see if there’s a similar drug that you can take.