Hi Folks,

Just a shout out to everyone today. Its Sunday March 9. Spring is just around the corner. New growth, warmer days, a new beginning.

I want to wish everyone the very best. I hope you are having a good day. To those that are suffering with pain, fatigue or feeling scared about the future, worried about your loved one, feeling alone or lonely, please know, you are not alone. Most of us, all of us, have felt this way and many continue to struggle daily.

My most sincere wish is that we all have some comfort, some support, some love and care from those around us. Its hard for others to understand our struggles. My dear Wife is amazing but I also know that dealing with a husband with a chronic illness is hard on her. So I look to this group for comfort and solace.

Make today a good day. No matter what it takes because you all deserve some joy.

May God bless each and everyone of you.


You are such a help to this group. Happy Spring!

God bless you Stephen :slight_smile: