Galblader removal and PSC

Hello all!
I have a PSC and in a recent scan, they discovered some sludge and potential residu in my galblader. The GP advised me to remove the galblader? Did some of you had similar galblader removal surgery with PSC? Any symptoms or benefits post surgey? Any shared experience and advice is more than welcome. Thanks


I had my gallbladder taken out last year for the same reason. I did feel better after they removed my

gallbladder. Hope that helps.

About a year after it was discovered I had PSC I had liver cancer. A liver resection removed 30% of my liver. I did not find out until three years later that at the same time they removed my gallbladder!! Have never missed it!!!

I had mine removed last year on June 5 for the same reasons. I saw almost immediate digests better, less nausea, etc.

I had gallstones and they removed my gall bladder. Had no effect on my PSC, and probably was unnecessary surgery.