Fullness in upper abdomen

Hi all,

I had a GI appointment today and now they think I have Crohn's, not UC... Does anyone really understand the difference and can put it in easy terms? All that she really told me is that they're very similar but occur in different parts of the GI Tract.

My other question is... I have a fullness, almost bloated, tender feeling in my upper abdomen, right in the middle. She seemed puzzled about what it could be. I know my liver is very enlarged so she said it could be the liver, but it seems too far over to her. Any idea what this could be? I know when they did my liver biopsy it was pretty much in the middle of my upper abdomen where they stuck the needle, so I personally think it could be the liver. if it is, is that sort of feeling something to be concerned with?

I hope that all made sense... Thanks everyone who takes the time to read this.


I also have this same feeling. I feel really bloated and when I eat I cannot eat much because of the feeling of fullness. Maybe it is the liver...

Hey Amanda,

I thought this website had a nice chart and explanation to help you understand the difference between UC and Crohn's.


I also get real bloated when I eat, immediately. I get that same fullness feeling too. I get very uncomfortable

I have crohns and I want you to know that it can happen anywhere from your mouth right down to your anus. I know, mine is in my large intestine and sometimes I think it is in my esophagus too. The difference between the two lies in how deep the inflammation goes in your colon.

I'll try the smaller meals idea.

Thank you for all the info. That article was really helpful.

This is a common symptom with PSC. Your specialist may prescribe a diuretic to be taken with care. Overuse of diuretics may lead to a low blood platelet count.


Thank you Adrian for this. I am bloated all the time. I will mention the use of diiuretics when I see my Dr again. Have a great day