Fluctuating temperature

hi. I just wanna know if anyone else has the ffg symptons and if they know what causes this. different parts of my wifes body have completely different temperatures. her legs and arms are slightly cold. her chest around the liver area is very hot. and her feet gets extremely cold, so much so that she has to wear winter sox on a hot sunny day. all this is happening at the same time.



hi stephen firstly I would like to thank you for your support and advice. we really appreciate it coupled with the fluctuating temperature my wife was getting a burning sensation throughout her body with a very prickly feeling similar to pins and needles. we spoke to our hepatologist and he prescribed rifampicin 300mg once a day for one month. this is a drug usually used for the treatment of tuberculosis. she has been taking this for 6 days now and it has helped her tremendously. the burning and prickly feeling has stopped. her body temperature and especially her feet has normalised. she does not need to wear sox anymore. she is feeling much better and is even getting a good nights sleep. according to what I've read on the internet rifampicin can also help with body itch associated with liver diseases. we are hoping that in time the itch will stop also. if you suggest this drug to anyone please ask them to make sure that it is rifampicin on its own as there are many combination drugs for TB such as rifafour and rifanah. these contain isoniazid and pyrazinamide which can increase liver toxicity.
once again thank you very much