Fertility Issues on Ursodiol?


Are there any women on ursodiol who've had difficulty conceiving and believe it may have something to do with the medication? I fell pregnant very quickly with my first on ursodiol, however a year later I'm on double the dose and hoping to have a second and final baby while I'm relatively symptom free. Just curious if anyone has faced challenges with this?

I’ve been Ursodiol for year now and we have had 2 miscarriages in the past year . I asked my GI dr and he said there no link between fertility and this medicine … but there’s also no real
Research on it either. So I wonder about this medicine as well as Lialda, which I also take. But I just turned 40 so that can also be a factor :/.

I was on Urso when I became pregnant with my 2nd son. I didn’t have any issues. 250mg 3x daily. Best of luck to you!