i have some concerns does any one fine exercise help with fatique,,i was hoping to get walking i am sure it will help mentally too,,,also i was in hospita in canada,,and put next to a patient in isolation consisting of curtains she has phneommia,i voised my concerns and they said unless she spits on you u are oka,,i was not happy ans neither was my hubby next time requisting a private room,,

Despite my PSC being in its early days, fatigue is something I have struggled with for a number of years, even prior to the PSC diagnosis. My liver enzymes were elevated but at the time we didn't know why. At the time I kept thinking I might be anaemic but my blood tests always came back normal. I took to the treadmill (walking not running) a couple of years back and personally found it to be very helpful. The tiredness felt on the treadmill was simply due to the exertion not fatigue.. if that makes sense. I generally felt good after exercising. However whenever my liver enzymes rose I still felt fatigued... so exercise didn't 'cure' the symptom so to speak.

Still, so long as you don't have any medical issues that hinder gentle exercise such as walking then I would definitely encourage you to try. It won't do you harm in the long run.

All the best figuring out what works for you!

I agree with Priya, sometimes gentle exercise helps and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve been in a period right now for the past few months where I was trying to walk 30 minutes of gentle walking at a leisurely pace on flat ground was my limit. Anymore than that and I started getting strange symptoms. Now I’m so tired that just in the process of walking up the stairs to my bedroom is wearing me out and making my heart race as if I just sprinted for 3 blocks.

I tell you this to say, listen to your body and go very gently. Vigorous exercise can cause more inflammation that we don’t need but sitting still isn’t good either. Back when I started walking, I started with one block at a time and built up to about a mile. It definitely helps mentally too. Good luck and let us know how it goes.