ERCP with biliary spincterotomy

Why do doctors do a biliary spincterotomy during ERCP?

“The principal indications for sphincterotomy include removal of common bile duct stones, treatment of papillary stenosis, and facilitation of endotherapy (ie, stent placement, tissue sampling, and stricture dilation). Sphincterotomy is a technically complex procedure that is performed under visual and fluoroscopic guidance. Deep cannulation of the bile duct is followed by electrocautery to incise the sphincter of Oddi.”

The more progressive PSC gets I think it’s more necessary as they are trying to get as far up into the biliary tree as possible to clear strictures, etc.


I’ve had this during most of my ERCPs in order for them to get into the ducts.

I’m sure this is rare, but watch for signs of bleeding afterwards as I once bled for a few days and required blood transfusions.

On a side note I was officially activated on the transplant list last week. So the wait begins…


Congratulations on your transplant listing. I trust you will get the perfect donor at the right time for you. It’s one of the most rewarding phone calls you will ever get. I hope you get transplanted on the first call!!


I think they all do that as part of ERCP procedure. That’s how they put wire and everything else into your common bile duct.