Early UC Symtoms?

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So I have had PSC for about 10 years now, but wasn’t diagnosed until about a year ago. Today I was completely fine. I took my lunch break and walked across the street in the snow to get food and back to the office. As soon as I came back and sat down, I had horrible cramping pain. I am not on my period or due for it for another 10 days. I had an episode of loose stools about a week ago but other than that everything seems normal as far as my stools are concerned. I did run to the rr and passed a stool but the pain did not go away. It’s still there. Any suggestions on how to manage?
If you have UC, what were your first symptoms?

Thank You

It may be cold, or anything, or anything else. If no better after a few days, you’d better see your doctor.
Have your doctor suggested to you to have a colonoscopy? I don’t know your age or family history. Usually this is the situation you might benefit from having a colonoscopy at a much younger age.
On the other hand, we as PSC patients always have something bad going on in our body. We simply can’t be stressed out by any symptoms and let them run our lives. We have to take control. Otherwise, we might kill ourselves before our livers do.

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Vasni, my symptoms was diarrhea that came about slowly over several months, then it became the only type of bm I had.

I know that many with UC have abdominal pain and bleeding, but luckily I had neither, just a boatload of diarrhea.

my first Symptom was slight Blood in my stool and then it was diarrhea that would not stop, and constant fatigue.

I had UC and PSC. What you described is reminiscent of UC cramping. Mucus with or without blood is a symptom of colon inflammation. Cramping that lasts a long time and frequent bowel movements also are symptoms. Don’t panic. Talk to you GI or hepatologist for their advice. UC is frequently diagnosed with PSC patients.