Dealing with PSC

Haven’t posted anything in a while, have had so much going on. My dear sister-in-law passed away from pancreatic cancer recently and my daughter has been diagnosed with PSC. I guess the disease does run in families, unfortunately. I was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago after many tests. I have a very good hepatoligist in Dallas so I feel fortunate in that. Last year I started taking a drug that has brought my liver function numbers down. I know there were clinical trials with the drug already, but it has really helped me. Colchicine is the name of it, and have been taking it over a year. It cleared my erythema nodosum and brought my alp down from over 700 to 200 and has stayed in that range for several months. Am praying that it continues, the nausea is gone, I feel much better and I have no dizziness now. Don’t know if this will work for others but I felt I should let others know what has helped me, along with a lot of prayers from family and friends. Wishing you all the best.