Curcumin for PSC

Has anyone tried curcumin for thei psc? I see mayo is doing a clinical trial on it for psc. The trial is using CuraMed.

Yes, I’ve been taking it for a few years now.

Have you noticed any benefit?

Since I take over a dozen supplements, herbs and nutritional supplements each day, along with low dose naltrexone and 1,500 mg a day of Vancomycin (for the past 18 months), it’s truly impossible to know which is doing what. My gastroenterologist strongly advised me to take this one herb, everything else has come from years of research and listening to my intuition. I wish I could be more helpful.

Thank you for the information. I started my daughter on turmeric. I may switch to the curamed brand since that is what is being studied at Mayo. She is also on vancomycin, Imuran, Lialda and Urso. She is stable at this time.

Just be sure whatever kind she is taking it’s combined with black pepper. This is supposed to activate it making it more available to the body. Since your daughter is on so many powerful allopathic drugs, yes, do this turmeric piece also with the knowledge of your doctor. It’s one of many strong herbal anti-inflammatory substances although I know they’ve picked up the turmeric ball and are studying it. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Mayo study drug CuraMed is highly absorbable. Protocol calls for high dose and CuraMed is expensive so definitely worth trying! I helped get this trial funded!

Have there been any results posted yet?

I wanted to take a curcuma-probiotic (with black pepper). On the info-sheet there was a warning not to take it with liver problems. My small duct PSC is definitely a liver problem, so my husband took it. It seemed to strengthen his immune system - no cold all thru last winter!
I’m very surprised now to hear curcumin being helpful with PSC.
I would appreciate more info why and how it could help with PSC and why this info-sheet is wrong.

I was reviewing clinical trials for PSC and found that Mayo Clinic has a study for curcumin. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that is being studied for PSC. I Am am trying to find out if anyone had positive results.